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Khorshed Alom Khokon

Someone once said, "passion breeds insomnia", of which I am a patient. My passion for doing something meaningful and long-lasting exhausts me as does my hyper-awake brain. I strive for driving positive changes wherever I go. I value "impact" over success. And diversity, innovation, community experiences and long-lasting impact are my main concerns while doing something. Being an empathetic, intuitive and introverted person made me stronger in many ways while putting me in a struggle with my inborn inclinations to calmness, idealism, and perfectionism in a world full of hastiness, insensitivity, indiscretion, and shallowness.

As a person with inherent sensibility, I naturally care for things much more than many people around me do. Even though our old cultures are not quite comfortable with "sensitivity", but I discovered its amazing effects on me. I can say, my sensitivity is my super power, which I am gifted with. From very young age, I am a dot connector, a problem solver with an innate drive to create solutions and to make things happen, in which my introverted intuition made me quite competent, successful and confident. I am open-minded and accepting, willing to consider competing ideas as long as I do not contradict my inner principles. I can easily get along with most other types of people for my inherent capacity for sincerely listening to and understanding other people. The most vital point on my capacity for leadership is that I am both one of the most flexible and one of the most intransigent persons you will ever meet in your life. My actions and reactions come from both the sensible heart & the rational brain with equal adeptness, under different circumstances. Some of which I gained by nature and some of which I gained by practice. I think here lies the biggest power of highly sensitive people, as they can switch in on any position of the behavior spectrum human being live & act within. So the sensitive nature, what some people see as their weakness, made me stronger in many ways.

I tend to think eight sides of a thing and how people and events are connected, which helps me use my creativity to resolve not only technical challenges but also human ones. Combining a vivid imagination with a strong sense of compassion, I love to create sustainable and peaceful solutions for different kinds of challenges I come across every day. I usually act when nobody does or when none is left in a situation. I prefer to observe well first and come later or at the time when I am badly needed for something and when my involvement could make meaningful differences in a situation. Although my works and roles put me in the limelight sometimes, but extreme attention really makes me uncomfortable in a situation. My extreme reluctance to unhealthy competition and my inherent love for peace & harmony made me a distinctively quiet & tolerant person and put me in a place of a peacemaker or a mediator in other people's conflicts, which I still carry out. I inherited boldness, integrity, compassion, sapience and a sense of self-respect from my family which taught me the value of purpose, simplicity, kinship, and happiness over money & stuff in life.

To me, the universe is a complex system and we are a part of that system. All the parts are interconnected & interdependent, so every single part of the system may not rule the system but could influence the system with their given capacity. And with time, the world is getting more complicated and finding "Sustainable" solutions to present global crises is becoming more difficult. So, in my communications and works, I highly emphasize the concept "sustainability", as creating a one-dimensional solution is not difficult while creating a solution which can calm down multi-factors & stakeholders involved with a problem has been being considered as one of the most critical challenges in the present world. And I put elevated importance on both the diverse skill-sets and the multidisciplinary learning of a person for leading changes wherever necessary in this era. For that purposes, I prefer the human-centered design, model thinking, social entrepreneurship, circular economy, diverse knowledge & experiences gathering, and sustainable leadership concepts to a notable extent, and try to incorporate them in my works and daily life.


  • Dreaming
  • Over Thinking & Analyzing
  • Absorbing Others' Emotions
  • Detecting Superficiality
  • Procrastinating
  • Finding Connections
  • Liking People & Looking For An Angel Inside A Demon
  • Seeing Beauty in Random Things
  • Becoming Hard On Myself
  • Feeling Like I Am An Oddball
  • Finding "Art" In Everything

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  • Facebook: Md Khokon
  • Live in Dhaka, Bangladesh


Khorshed Alom Khokon
15th October
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  • Studying People
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  • Counselling
  • Adding Meaning

hobbies & interests

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  • Road Trip
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  • Spirituality
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B.Sc in Mathematics

Dhaka college under of dhaka University.

I studied B.Sc in Mathematics at Dhaka College, starting from session 2016-17. Dhaka College is the oldest educational institution of Bangladesh located in Dhaka. It offers higher secondary education. It has Honours and Masters programs as well which divisions are affiliated to the University of Dhaka.

Higher Secondary School Certificate(HSC)

Govt.Natore Tecnical School & College

Graduated from Govt.Natore Tecnical School & College in 2016.It's one of the most reputed educational institutions in Natore City of Bangladesh.

Secondery School Certificate(SSC)


Graduated from NTSC in 2014.




Country's first wellness & well-being center. For details, visit xCOGNITIVE

Co-founder & President

BUET Entrepreneurship Development Club (BEDC)2015-present

A community focused on nurturing the leadership and communication skill of its members through which the future leaders will come out from this platform. Inspire. Innovate. Connect. Visit our Website

Student Advisor

The American Ceramic Society2015-2016

The President’s Council of Student Advisors (PCSA) is the student-led committee of The American Ceramic Society (ACerS). PCSA represents the student community at the governing board of American Ceramic Society (ACerS). The mission of the PCSA is to engage students as active and long-term leaders in the ceramics community and to increase continued participation in ACerS at the local, national, and international levels. The American Ceramic Society (ACerS) is the world's leading organization dedicated to the advancement of ceramics, providing the latest technical, scientific and educational information to its Members and others in the ceramics and related materials fields. For details, visit President’s Council of Student Advisors (PCSA)

Campus Director

Hult Prize Foundation2014-2016

The Hult Prize Foundation is a start-up accelerator for budding young social entrepreneurs emerging from the world’s universities. Named as one of the top five ideas changing the world by President Bill Clinton and TIME Magazine, the annual competition for the Hult Prize aims to identify and launch the most compelling social business ideas—start-up enterprises that tackle grave issues faced by billions of people. Visit our campus webpage Hult Prize at BUET

Founder & Executive Head

Sustainable Bangladesh2014-Present

Sustainable Bangladesh is a start-up for sustainability research and green product development. Through research, development and campaigns, it aims to accelerate the 5R practices across the country. While running 5R-concept spreading movements, it’s mainly focusing on turning various kinds of wastes into energy and useful products to mitigate the energy and resource crises of Bangladesh, and thus joins the global movement titled “2014-2024 Decade of Sustainable Energy for All” by United Nation (UN).

Founder & President

LWYs Foundation 2011-Present

Long Walk to Yeoman's service(LWYs). LWYs Foundation is a non-profit platform which works for sustainability and humanity.

Campus Ambassador

Teach For Bangladesh2013-2014

Teach For Bangladesh is a nationwide movement of exceptional university graduates and young professionals who are committed to expanding educational opportunity for all children in Bangladesh, starting with a two-year professional fellowship teaching in high-need communities.

Campus Respresntative

The Bangladesh Today2014-Present

It's a 14th year old national English daily of Bangladesh.

Campus Director

Net Impact(SSBW)2014-2015

I was one of the 25 Campus Directors of Small Steps Big Wins program by Net Impact, globally.

Executive Member

Life Carnival Foundation 2013-2015

Life Carnival Foundation is a non-profit organization. It was started by a group of enthusiastic and dreamy young people of the country. It is working around the globe starting from Bangladesh to establish a concept that ‘Everyone should do what he or she loves and where his or her creativity shines the most’. Its’ vision is to create a society where every individual will love his/her own job and will be happy. Only then, people in the whole world will be in peace and will rise in prosperity.For details, visit www.lifecarnival.org

Head of Interview Department

Life Carnival2013-2014

Life Carnival is a helping tool for all those who are in a dilemma about choosing the appropriate career for them. All category students, especially admission seeking students at different colleges and universities can use this website to ascertain the prospects and future of each subject. Apart from being a career developing tool, Life Carnival is an online home for loads of tutorials on different topics and subjects. Tutorials are so designed that students can have a deeper look inside each topic and can learn to think. For details, visit www.lifecarnival.com.

Executive Member

BUET Career Club(BCC) 2014-2015

BUET Career Club(BCC) is one of the most prestigious platforms for BUET students.


Film For Action (Bangladesh) 2013-Present



Student Member (Int'l)

American Ceramic Society(ACerS)2014-2016

The Minerals, Metals and Material Society(TMS)2014-2016

Material Research Society(MRS)2014-2016

Association of Iron & Steel Technology(AIST)2014-2016

ASM International2014-2016

Student Energy2014-2016

American Energy Society2015-2016

ACerS,TMS, MRS, AIST, ASM Int'l are four professional Societies of Material Science and Engineering Discipline, situated in USA. While Student Energy is a global not-for-profit which is creating the next generation of energy leaders committed to transitioning the world to a sustainable future, based on Canada. And American Energy Society is another society, based on USA, works for energy sector's development, promotion and networking.

General Member

South Asian Youth Society(SAYS)2013-Present

South Asian Youth Society is a youth organization, based on Bangladesh, for South Asian Youth.


BUET Energy Club2014-2016

BUET Film Club2013-2016

Sottyan Bose Science Club(BUET)2013-2016

Environmnetal Watch Club BUET2014-2016

The clubs are few influential platforms of BUET, which help students thrive in the sectors concerned.

Invited To Attend As A Delegate

Hult Prize Impact Retreat 2015

Organized by Hult Prize Foundation

International Student Energy Summit(ISES)-2015

Organized by Student Energy

International School on "Materials for Renewable Energy"

Organized by Material Research Society and Europian Material Research Society

Net Impact Leadership Conference-2015

Organized by Net Impact

Climate Reality Leadership Training

Organized by Climate Reality Project

One Young World Summit-2015

Organized by One Young World

BYLC Youth Leadership Summit

Organized by Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center

Youth Strategy 2013: Environment

Organized by Youth Work Bangladesh

BRACu Model United Nation

Organized by IABC BRAC University

ASEF Capaciy Training on "Leadership and Entrepreneurship"

Organized by Asia-Europe Foundation

In partnership with North South University

Supported by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh


Project Competition and Poster Presentation-2015

Organized by Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering, BUET

Project Competition and Poster Presentation-2014

Organized by Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering, BUET

the Daily Inqilab Scholarship

Organized by the Daily Inqilab

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Organized by The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Program, BUET

Prothom Alo-AKTEL Reception Award

Organized by The Daily Prothom Alo-AKTEL

BSB Foundation Scholarship

Organized by BSB Foundation, Bangladesh


National Workshop on "Nano materials and Nanotechnology" Organized by Departement of Materials and Metallurgiacl Engineering, BUET

Workshop on “The Art of Communication” Organized by Bangladesh Youth Empowerment Society (BYES)

Reception of Meritorious Result Holders in SSC, Organized by BSB Foundation and ATN Bangla

International Business Game BNP PARIBAS Ace Manager-2014 Organized by BNP PARIBAS Ace Manager

"National Entrepreneur Summit-2013", Organized by team engine - a campaign & communications hub for social good


I may appear calm from the outside, but inside my mind is a turbulence of thoughts, imaginations, ideas and wisdom that could make your head spin. My mind is never at rest. For the outside world, I may seem quiet and closed off, but deep inside, I possess a Wonderland not even Alice could survive in.